Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Bring back nothing but memories.


Dream / Explore / Discover

Do not follow where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


Ride / Rejuvenate / Revive

Travel, not to go anywhere, but to travel


Life / Travel / Fun

About us


Vision of ‘MoJourneys’ is to enrich the lives of fellow travellers by providing them with un-forgettable life experiences.

A Traveller should not only discover the places, but also discover the self.


MoJourneys is a boutique travel design firm.  Travel is a passion for the team behind MoJourneys. Our endeavor is to share this passion with fellow travellers..

We understand the interests and aspirations of the travellers, and design travel plans best suited for them. We include destinations which go beyond the routine travel circuits and add activities that thrill.

We endeavor to take hassles and disappointment out of travel. We don’t just plan a tour, but a journey, that will turn your dreams into a lifetime of memories…



Revere the Majestic beauty of snow-capped Himalayas right from Kashmir to the North-east frontiers of Assam

International Destinations

Isn’t it time to see the World now?

Heritage Holidays

Visit the Royal palaces and forts of the bye-gone era, or take a soul cleansing sourjorn.


Put on your Shades and enjoy the sea and the sand right from Goa to the virgin beaches of the Andmans

Exotic Destinations

A Cruise liner round the Maldives or deep sea diving or just a skiing holiday… You define what’s Exotic for you!

Weekend Getaways

A much needed week-end shot of clean air and a little sunshine…

Jungle Safaris

Feel the pulse of the Jungles, up-close & personal with beautiful beasts of the wild

Luxury Vacations

A little reward to self for all the grind! Get that Gucci out…

Nature Trails

Enjoy the abundance of Nature, get away from the pollution and the concrete jungle.

Adventure is calling…

Say Yes!!!

Biking Trips
Biking Trips

4 wheels move the body, 2 Wheels move the soul….

Self Driving Trips
Self Driving Trips

Set your own pace, and set your own destinations…. Road journeys are best enjoyed behind the wheel.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving

A Dive into the depths of the Sea is an absolutely incredible experience, sure to give you a different perspective to life.


‘In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks’ – John Muir. Take a back pack, and JUST GO!

River Rafting
River Rafting

There are many ways to salvation, and one of them is to follow a river.


Ski down the slopes with the rush of wind against your face and picturesque snow clad mountain peaks at a distance.


‘Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!’ – Helen Keller. Only a Para Glider has seen the Un-Seen.


Revere the journey, at a slow pace, through the bushy lanes, and vintage towns.

Sky Diving
Sky Diving

Feel the peace resonate within as you take that one adventurous glide and swim across the blue sky!

Hot Air Ballooning
Hot Air Ballooning

An unforgettable experience like no other, with breath-taking views as you soar high in total peace and tranquility.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee Jumping

Your heart pumps rapidly and your palms sweat, let go off your fears and feel the adrenaline rush..

Our Team

MoJourneys is a boutique travel design venture by a trio of friends, Sona, Suresh & Nimish, for whom travel is religion. Their passion for travel is revealed in their own words here.


“For me, just the thought of travelling and going on a vacation, gives me goosebumps. That excitement and eagerness to travel & go on a trip feels like a big fat wedding in the family or like a great festival of life.


Whenever I plan a vacation, the very next minute, my soul flies away to that destination, much before my body goes there. For me travelling is the most beautiful feeling of life.”


“I am a passionate two-wheel enthusiast and an avid traveller, and I love to ride my motorbike on  unexplored routes. I am always in a hunt for that ‘something different’ approach in my travel plans.


With a flair to search and plan the routes for the roads less travelled, I am always ready to help like- minds to prepare their itinerary.  The adventure junkie in me, allures me always to try my hands on various adventure activities which come my way during my journeys. Travelling for me is the way to find myself and get rejuvenated to get back to the daily grind.”


“I am a perfectionist when it comes to planning my trips, no matter how excited I am about the trip. I research deep, plan the journey to the T, ensure the stays & food are up-to-speed, all bases are covered, with nothing left to chance.


I love long drives through curvy roads and uncharted terrains. For me, a self-driving road journey is nothing short of meditation.”

The Trio of MoJourneys, now invites all fellow travelers to experience the magic of Journeys through MoJourneys.


  • My trip to the Spiti Valley with my group of friends was amazing! Everything on the trip was perfect. Himachal was surely the perfect getaway for me and my family. Thanks for all that you did. Hope to join you next year for a trip to Leh and Ladakh.

    Imraan Haneefa Ibraheem
    Imraan Haneefa Ibraheem
  • I just want you to know that we had an amazing trip! It was life changing for me personally! Thank you for being so patient as we worked out all the details for our group! That feeling of scaling new heights on bikes was exhilarating! Our biker squad looks forward to another trip with MoJourneys again! I've surely made some awesome memories in Bhutan that will be cherished forever.

    Sidharth Lakhotia
    Sidharth Lakhotia
  • Thank you MoJourneys. I had the BEST time ever in Kerala. I’m so ready for my next trip with your team! Just tell me where and when to show up and I will be there with a light weight suitcase.

    Anuj Shah
    Anuj Shah

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