Virginal Arunachal Pradesh appears as a giant patch of green on the country’s map. India’s wildest and least explored state, Arunachal rises abruptly from the Assam plains as a mass of densely forested and impossibly steep hills, culminating in snow-capped peaks along the Tibetan border.


Tawang Valley

Tawang is one such place where you would love to stay for the rest of your life. With the numerous lakes surrounded by magnificent mountains, Tawang is purely a treat for human heart and soul. You can experience the beautiful gift of nature all around you. Tawang is the land for beautiful valleys, rippling rivers and large waterfalls.

Ziro Valley

One of the prettiest landscapes in all of India, the fertile Ziro Valley nestles within Arunachal’s formidable mountains like a mythical kingdom. A layered landscape of rice fields, rivers and picture-postcard villages of the Apatani tribe, it is an undisputed high point of any trip to Arunachal.


With majestic Himalayas bestowing their shadow, the beautiful town of Bomdila will offer you all an area in this terrain should. Other than sceneries and views making the area a visual treat for the eyes, wrapped around in a cool breeze and pleasant climate, the area will offer you a number of spots such as temples and wildlife sanctuaries. Both Buddhist and Hindu temples are to be found here.



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