How it started…

 In Sona’s Travel Diaries

Here I want to share my feelings about how I personally like to travel. So when I was young, we used to go on trips with parents as most people do. But during the last few years, I have learned that I enjoyed the journeys more when I started planning my own holidays, the way I wanted. I discovered what kind of travel I enjoy and I started planning that way.

Earlier, when there was no Internet or Social media, we used to book our trips through some travel agent, and go to the places that he suggests and recommends (which can be for various other reasons!). I never ever liked or enjoyed such forced itineraries.

From the time all the information about places and nature’s wonders became available on our finger tips through the Internet, I started exploring the smallest of towns with unseen charms, their by-lanes, nature trails, lovely waterfronts, charismatic mountains and every thing about this wondrous planet. Then I started to plan my own trips, at my own pace and started enjoying my travels much more.

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