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 In Sona’s Travel Diaries

For me, the very thought of traveling and going on a vacation, gives me goose bumps. My heart swells with excitement and eagerness. When I choose a destination and fix my travel plans, my soul just flies there, with lots of excitement, much before my body goes there.

I can say that before I actually reach the destination, my soul already enters the place and as if, it sees everything, and gets to know everything. So when I actually reach there, there is nothing unknown to me, I am aware about the whole place and the environment of that place. So I always feel comfortable when I reach there.

Traveling is the best feeling of my life. I like to travel the most by my own vehicle, but it’s not possible always, but I always make it a point to travel with luxury and preferably by road. Whenever I make my travel plans, it gives me a feeling of the beginning of a big fat wedding or a great festival approaching. During the trip, what things will be needed, what to take care of, how to travel hassle free and to enjoy the most in all possible ways, are the matters at the top of my agenda.

During the journey, I keep myself aware about the places I pass through, feel the atmosphere, and enjoy each and every matter and moment. It is one of my habits, that on reaching any place, I always take ‘mitti’ (soil) of that place in my hands, I rub it and try to feel of that particular place. I inhale the smell of that mitti and I inhale the smell of that place. This way, I absorb everything within me, the memories of that place get embedded in my soul,and remain alive in me forever.

I keep myself 100% aware during the journeys, and enjoy fully, without any restrictions and barriers.

When I take the first step out of my house, the very next minute I am fully into the traveling zone. I totally forget about my house, I even forget how my house looks like. So when I return from the trip, back to my home, I always feel that it is new and welcoming.

  • Reena Raval

    Hi Sona…..feels really amazed after reading your blog…i like your heart line in overall writing that you always take Mitti (soil) of that place ..It shows your deep interest & love as well awareness on your place of journey…i wish you make it more and more reliable and keep it up on your future adventure ..Being your friend after seeing your dedication for travel journey is so appreciable

    Thanks & good luck
    RInki Raval

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